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This is hilarious. From HuffPo Media:

In “BioShock Infinite,” the player fights a racist society run by an ultra-religious lunatic who uses patriotic American imagery as a propaganda tool.

That detail didn’t escape the attention of gamers, either.

"The funny part here isn’t that Fox News copied it — which it totally did — it’s that it apparently copied it without recognizing what the logo represents: A violent video game about killing right-wing crazy people,” wrote Sam Barsanti on the A.V. Club website.

A number of users on Reddit offered similar thoughts. One Redditor found a Photoshop template that can be used to make logos based on BioShock Infinite.

Kevin Levine, creator of the BioShock series, weighed in on both Twitter and Facebook. When someone asked if it was a copyright issue, he tweeted, “It’s irony.”

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